TTA Editions no.1 - Beachtowel by Bernhard Willhelm

With TTA Editions, The Travel Almanac has introduced a series of unique product collaborations. For each Edition a selected artist, designer, or creative entity is invited to produce an item with a direct relation to travel. For the debut, fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm has created an outstandingly beautiful Imabari cotton beachtowel. These eye-catchers were produced on the island of Shikoku in Japan, historically one of the country's most acclaimed sites for towel production, each containing thirty-four individually designed embroideries. The towels were masterfully crafted, with great care taken to maximize the natural absorbency of cotton. A trademark for the highest standard of quality is the fact that a towel must sink to the bottom within five seconds after placement in water. This proves its ability to thoroughly dry the skin and provide blissful bathing experiences for years to comePK
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