Joe & The Juice - Copenhagen

Even in a city like Copenhagen, airports are places where the fact of patriarchy is difficult to ignore. Female flight attendants accompany male pilots through the duty-free zone where high-heeled perfume counter girls, all smiles and make-up, hang around a glistening 1969 Dodge Charger (the one Johnny Depp skids into the desert in a baffling ad for Dior’s new cologne Sauvage) hoping to attract passersby to the sampler bottles. From this point of view taking a seat inside Joe & The Juice, while pretty much the opposite of a tasteful experience, is at least refreshing. A coffee and juice bar franchise which has grown exponentially in Denmark and abroad, the modus operandi of Joe & The Juice seems to be a mainly female clientele served by young, sexy dudes with way too much energy bouncing and back-slapping to stupidly loud music. Think “Hooters” with pink lattes instead of burgers and young muscles instead of sad-eyed cheerleaders. At the counter a businesswoman on her phone orders a “ginger shot” and calmly eyes the blonde in a t-shirt who prepares her order, scanning his forearms and thighs, answering his smile with a curt nod. Look around and you’ll see the occasional straight man, seated alone, reading a newspaper with the look of someone who doesn’t quite know what has hit him.JD
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