An insider's guide to Rimowa's historic home


Text  Richard Catty

Images  Courtesy of Rimowa


Travel is all about discovering places that resonate with our sense of identity. People and the collectives into which they organise themselves generate values that echo our own, gravitating us towards the towns, cities and spaces that they inhabit, and the endeavours they undertake. One such institution for which The Travel Almanac holds true admiration is RIMOWA, not only for their pursuit of excellence in quality, German-engineered luggage and travel accessories but the emphasis they place on heritage, identity and reverence for the notion of travel.

Formed in Cologne, Germany in 1898 as a small family-run business, since its very inception RIMOWA has been committed to crafting luggage items that elevate the pursuit of travel. It is to that end that the brand releases their insider’s guide to Cologne, a celebration of their proud origins, journey and enduring values. The guide’s spatial depictions and portraits come courtesy of two German photographers, Simon Menges and Marc Klaus respectively, while Q+A’s with the likes of flamboyant clothes designer Michelle Elie and creator of crisp concept furniture Tillmann Meister also feature.

Alternating between insider takes from local creatives who have helped shape the city’s vibrant and close-knit artistic scene and commentary on some of Cologne’s most cherished cultural hotspots, the guide has been curated with the same degree of meticulousness for which the premium luggage brand is renowned. RIMOWA’s special introductory Guide to Cologne is available online and in physical format in selected stores, serving as a special first edition in a series of guide books devoted to German cities and the cultural gems they keep tucked away.

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