Okinawa Wandering with Philippe Model


Photography   Paul Kominek & Sara Katrine Thiesen


In an exclusive fashion editorial collaboration with Paris based footwear brand Philippe Model, we have ventured out to the Japanese Islands of Okinawa to explore the exciting and unique blend of urban and natural spectacles the islands have to offer. This contrast provides the perfect environment for the brand's latest design that also live between two worlds.

Philippe Model's meticulously handmade footwear combines the casual and comfortable aspects of sneakers and gym shoes with high-end materials usually found only in bespoke evening shoes. For the brand inspiration lies concealed in details. All pieces are extremely playful with a genuine affection for materials that can be felt throughout the entire line of products, modelled by artisanal expertise that reflect the values and traditions of its country of origin.


The brand’s story begins in the early days of the rebellious 80s with the launch of several now legendary shoe designs. In 2008 the Italian designer Paolo Gambato took over creative direction at Philippe Model and has since infused the brand with a healthy dose of Italian craftsmanship. Shoes are being produced in the Riviera del Brenta, an area not far from Venice, famed for its high-quality footwear industry. Experimentation with materials, combined with a striking aesthetic and increasingly rare craft techniques, make Philippe Model shoes an extraordinarily flashy and unconventional option for the contemporary flaneur.

On the road in Japan, we took these refined pieces of foot attire to a serious challenge, running into odd sea creatures, exploring ancient villages and wandering through mythical jungles. PK


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