Cesar's Palace

Beyond the greased handles of the entryway to Caesar’s Palace lies an opulent fractal of gold, black, purple and orange-patterned carpet; A seemingly infinite Versace bed sheet. Two stories above, piddling black spotlights shine down upon four life-sized plaster renderings of Roman statues showcased anti-climactically in a small circle. A girl with an antiquated haircut gazes down upon the figures as an escalator pushes her steadily toward the sky. Deeper into the Palace, a neon orange bandana rests atop a tangle of hair-sprayed curls belonging to a brick wall of a man; he exchanges glances with an inadvertently stylish senior citizen in a blue sports coat and matching hat. The eyes of both men are eventually repositioned toward a record-setting hand of lengthy, curled and polished fingernails, attached to an attractive young woman shouting at her mother through an awkwardly-clasped mobile phone. JR 

This review is included in TTA6. Click here for more information about the issue.

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