Where once stood Wolfgang Puck Cafe and the Virgin Megastore, now stand Subway and Starbucks. Nestled on the second floor of the same 8000 Sunset building complex, a staunch Crunch venue has definitely seen better days. Tawdry industrial interiors and poorly thought out spaces inadvertently ooze an atmosphere of wistfulness, otherwise found on littered beaches in winter. At the front desk a clerk recites the gym’s marketing jabber while fidgeting with a clipboard full of notes. He breaks off only to high-five the rare incoming members, and to reveal who they are in a hushed murmur: a screenwriter who worked on a few direct-to-video Olson twins movies; a cameraman working for a network channel. He then segues with slightly increased enthusiasm into $10 membership discounts given to people with SAG and WGAW credits. Meanwhile, a fit older gentleman cycling on a stationary bike turns his head every now and then towards a husky man, who completes a set of walking lunges on a strip of artificial grass. The two inspect each other for a long second, then look away as if they had recognized a familiar face. AP

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