In a glass room filled with exquisitely crafted, yet somewhat disquieting, wooden machinery an Aphrodite of fitness reveals what might sound like the fourth law of thermodynamics: “What’s loose becomes firm, what’s firm becomes loose.” An ageless, overly enthusiastic woman dressed in neon-salmon sportswear is being strapped into a reformer. Not a flinch. Chatty before, she is now as focused as a sniper. In the main space on the open floor, two 6.4ft men that would pass as SEAL Team Six members, were it not for their revealing Nike tights, alternate the high and low oscillatory frequencies of some conditioning ropes. A few speakers play Berlin techno just loud enough to cancel out the noise coming from Sunset Plaza through the open garage-style rollup window. Meanwhile on the rooftop deck, a group of Millennials idly sunbathe and instagram selfies with Downtown backdrops; one of them, suddenly animated, proposes to hit Earthbar for some liver cleanse shots once they're done. AP

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