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It is seldom that a traveler is met with as many prejudices, warnings, and accusatory fingers as the days before his first trip to Singapore. It’s hardly a surprise – after all, the former British colony has duly ruined its reputation through an exceedingly rigid penal law. The catalog of crimes spans from the rather absurd seeming trifles like the restricted import of chewing gum to the prohibition of the foul-smelling (yet beloved) durian fruit, to “unnatural” sexual practices or felonies like drug trafficking. All these offences are punishable with at times drastic penalties and exemplarily serve as a deterrent but not only. Consequently, the traveler expects an unfriendly police state that should be quickly left and likewise forgotten.

"The Fullerton is nestled like a precious oyster amongst the craggy cliff faces of the skyscrapers behind it."

At the end of his regrettably brief stay, the traveler not only wants to readily stay longer, he also wishes for a revision of the penal law and of an adjustment of the country’s image, something which, on closer inspection, the small island nation in the south of Malaysia hasn’t deserved at all. Central to the fascination is due in no small part to a luxury hotel, in which the guest descends and which stands out like a radiant jewel from the gray skyline of Singapore’s financial district with its neo-classical splendor. Within view of the popular “boat quay” and directly across from the breathtaking architecture of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Fullerton is nestled like a precious oyster amongst the craggy cliff faces of the skyscrapers behind it. Built in 1928 and restored in 2001 for well over 200 million Euro, the Fullerton was once home to the “General Post Office” and dominated the former port in the thirties, and as such the true historical center of Singapore.

Already fascinated by the sheer aura of the foyer, the guest strolls under pillars and domes, greeted in the friendliest manner, and accommodated in the most comfortable fashion in a maisonette-like suite, leaving little to be desired.

Furthermore, Singapore presents itself not only as a culinary melting pot of every imaginable Asian cuisine, but also as a place where a great deal of wonderful people from all over the world with exceptional attitudes meet despite the senseless laws to, secretly, chew one, two pieces of gum. TT

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