Hotel Ranga

In accordance with the recent rumblings on Iceland, we would like to bow to a very particular local refuge. About an hour from the capital Reykjavik and just off the main road "no.1," lies the remarkable Hotel Ranga. Essentially a traditional and simplistic wooden hunting lodge, the hotel seems rather unimposing from the outside. The inside however boasts some of the most psychedelic experiences one can encounter on this island of elves and ghosts. Greeted upon entry by a ten-foot tall polar bear, one soon realizes that the whole of the scenery seems to unintentionally but all the more convincingly mimic David Lynch´s infamous TV Saga. This wild mix of Safari souvenirs and captivating rustiqueness would be worth the trip alone, but the actual mind bending experience still lies ahead. At the very end of this elongated lodge construction sits room 59, the "Asian Suite." In an attempt to bring some cherrished Japan travel memories back to life, the owner of Hotel Ranga comissioned a team of local architects to construct a traditional Japanese home, including an authentically-rendered bathroom and Kyoto-style ceiling. The attention to detail is striking, even the smells feel right, mainly infused by the imported japanese wood used in its construction and the Tatami mats that cover most of the spacious room. While enjoying the breathtaking views over the mystical landscape that surrounds the hotel, one might find oneself eagerly awaiting a knock from Agent Cooper at the door. PK

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