Handschoenmarkt 10, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium - ☏ +32 3 233 44 48 -

A pair of chocolate high heels sit politely in the display window of Nello, facing the Cathedral Of Our Lady Antwerp. Inside the shop, an impressively tall loner with a spindly ponytail deliberates over a box of miniature chocolate hands, slowly lowering his head to view the white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties clasped in prayer behind a glass partition. A woman with greased blonde hair in a t-shirt which reads "Love/Life" dives into a chunk of nougat, immediately after setting foot outside of the shop, looking back and nodding in approval as if bowing to Nello himself. The church across the street remains stoic as if to say, "There will be no chocolate heels running up these steps tonight." BG

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