Pop Physique

In an elegant loft equipped with full-size kitchen, stunning women sit quietly on a minimalist Poltrona Frau. Waiting for the next class to start, they watch the receptionist explain the gym’s exercises to a potential new member, squatting slightly and shaking her thighs: “After an hour of this you will feel your muscles twitching.” She then slides to the floor and assumes the wind-relieving pose. On the soles of her socks there is a print in American Apparel-like font: “Barre Whore.” A woman who closely resembles Emma Stone (or is Emma Stone) momentarily interrupts her frenetic texting to chime in with an engaging smile and a silvern voice: “It’s totally fun, and it’s worth every minute of it!” She says this with nonchalant confidence, aware of being herself proof by example. The onlookers all nod approvingly. Although welcome, there are no men in this machine-less barre gym. Instead, there’s an atmosphere of serenity that resembles the utopian society in C.P. Gilman’s Herland. AP

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