TTA15 Privacy Dinner with Horizn and Beats

Angelika Taschen and Marco Velardi

Paul Snowden and Christophe Chemin

Polina Sova

Marta González, Maryama Luccioni, Dauwd Al Hilali

Jan Werner, Dustin Hanke

Juno Meinecke, Theresa Genth, Roman Schramm

Vladimir Trisic and Angelika Taschen

Romy Pope and Patricia Bondesson Kavanagh

Avelina Boateng

Anuthida Ploypetch and Richy Koll

Seiji, Marcus Rossknecht and Romy Pope

Emily McDermott and Johann Courgibet

Maryama Luccioni and Dauwd Al Hilali

Paul Kominek and Polina Sova

Ildiko Dienesch

Photography by Markus Ortmanns

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