The Durutti Column - "Sketch For Summer"

Though conceived of in the greyed-out industrial pallor of 1980s Manchester, it seems as if The Durutti Column’s “Sketch For Summer” is rather meant for a tepid afternoon atop a sun soaked towel, lain modestly on the bow of a white-washed sailboat. This is casual music for coconut oil and the occasional guilt-free cigarette; umbrellaed cocktails and thinly dangling gold chains tangled in chest hair. Vini Reilly's Stratocaster rains in notes which amass and trickle onto the recording like drops of blue curaçao into the whiteness of a piña colada, their tape-delayed trails leaving indigo streaks in the pristine slush of a sweating glass.This is the perfect soundtrack to momentary states of sun burnt bliss. JR



The Durutti Column - "Sketch For Summer"


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