"Situations" by Georges Aperghis - Philharmonie Berlin

Berlin Winters can seem eternal at times with an infinite and impenetrable grey sky. During this period one is grateful for any kind of distraction or sensory inspiration to brighten the day. Fortunately, Berlin offers its inhabitants an interesting and growing cultural potpourri of events during this difficult time, one of the most compelling being the annual "Maerz Musik Festival". A festival of contemporary music, which in the past regularly featured exhilerating live performances of works by composers such as John Cage, Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt among others. This year the focus is on the Greek composer Georges Aperghis, numerous events and concerts pay tribute to his Œuvre. Aperghis is primarily known for his work in experimental music theater but also for unique forms of chamber music, influenced by composers such as Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry or Iannis Xenakis, with whom he studied and was closely associated with. Tonight there´s a rare opportunity to experience a live performance of one of Aperghis chamber music compositions. His piece „Situations“ will be performed by 23 soloists of the Klangforum Vienna for whom Aperghis originally composed it in 2013.  PK

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