Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus, Collected Works

In his cover interview for Issue 10 of The Travel Almanac, Richard Prince told us that if there were another artist whose work he might envy, “…it would be something with style. I wish I had style, like Raymond Pettibon.” One wonders if such fame and public recognition would have seemed unimaginable during Pettibon’s early days on the ’70s LA punk scene, where he gained a name, and the attention of the LAPD, with his artwork for the flyers and album sleeves of his brother’s band Black Flag. (The name was also Pettibon’s idea, as well as maybe the most tattooed band logo ever). The subject matter and themes in the work are much the same now as then, always trained on the USA: politics and power, sports, Hollywood, sex, police brutality, corruption; and it’s difficult to think of another artist since Warhol who has so consistently dissected the pulp imagery of America. In April of this year, Raymond Pettibon: Homo Americanus, Collected Works was released by David Zwirner Books as part of a major retrospective of his work running until September 2016 at the Falckenberg Collection in Hamburg. The book is the first definitive overview of Pettibon’s entire output with over six hundred works from throughout his career. For those who can’t afford the original zines and flyers on Etsy, this is a chance to own much of Pettibon’s work for the first time. JD
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